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The Division Pc Gameplay 1080p Hdtv
The Division Pc Gameplay 1080p Hdtv

the division pc gameplay 1080p hdtv


The Division Pc Gameplay 1080p Hdtv >>




















































The Division Pc Gameplay 1080p Hdtv



* I'd like a gin and orange please. Now get over yourself ya generic fanboy! =) swinny Still better than Crysis. Toggle navigation Latest Popular Categories FUN Girls Product Reviews Create Loading. Ooops that was the ps3. =>illus at spectrum spectrum. if u have a hi end tv hook up u will def notice the diferance between xbox 1 and ps4 and ps4 u can notice despit how nice the xbox 1 graphics are the ps4 still beats xbox one and specs show it too and games are going to get better too these u think look good there are still games that will look better come out on both optimization and the engines they use too u put that even with both best of best and u still notice ps4 on top but u wount notice a whole lot differance it comes down to. Then we would not have these stupid articles about how scaled down games tell that ps4 is the best machine in the world. thestoebz If you cant understand him, you might have more severe problems& imperi haha or I dont live around a bunch a ghetto people like you guys.


NEWS FLASH: Its all for cinematic appeal. They are facts the console manufacturers have to live with& Thankfully for Sony, the biggest issue they have is GDDR5 latency, which can easily be programmed out. PC Fanboys are ridiculous at times, Ive just seen a video on YT claiming that Half Life 2 looks better than ANY XB1 exclusive, ridiculous!! I HATE Microsoft, I think they are the cancer of gaming, their very deceptive and I have to watch what I read with them around because they are very misleading and they bribe everyone! But common, even I can admit that many XB1 exclusives(if not, ALL of them) look leagues ahead of Half Life 2. SoMuchAnger Whenever someone uses the word Xbone in their comment I immediately stop reading because of the clear bias they have . We can expect that means it uses a reasonably regular PC driver file and has the same kinds of performance as the GPU in a PC of similar specs&. Bob No. The Blu-Ray sales profits dont go to the PS division. I was talking about the fact that if you get paid by some company (microsoft for example) for something youve done for them, you have worked for them. Shinen could probably do considerably more if they run the game at 720p or slightly lower.


plus, the programming suicks really Killzone 4 shouldnt be this big its a pos programing. chojin999 The hardware specifications make them outdated products. As for the whole 290GB texture pack, this is the marketing department BS. wow. PS4 supports AMD Partially Resident Texture technology, which is built into their 7000 series of GPUs, this allows for far larger texture files because PS4 has a much larger pool of RAM accessible for graphics. Karl Miller The feature to play while you download isnt included in the 1.50 update to the system that we will be getting at launch. No developer or publisher would contemplate pushing out a game that size or even walk down that road as it would be a multi blu-ray title and an impossible download for 90% of the population. Eroku now the specs on the ps4 are better than the xbox 1 and sony useing better ram than microsoft yes they both have 8 gigs of ram look it up besides the other specs are better the ram they use is insane then u got beside the better specs they the optimize it even more. matt WiiU with Fast racing neo uses 8k textures so why are you saying wiiu cant handle textures as high as ps4 ect when 8k is the max ???? also Fast racing neo runs 1080p native 60fps&.


Still neither console can handle more than 1080p, the GPU is barely strong enough. It doesnt matter how huge those areas are if gaming engine is well written. The PS4 and XB1 are both custom motherboard computers, with PC based CPU and GPU& The PS4 departs most significantly with GDDR5 as RAM for both CPU and GPU, and the XB1 departs most significantly with an ESRAM cache to feed its GPU. 8K textures are impressive for the tech Wii U has though, but that doesnt tell the full story of the level of IQ Shinen will be able to achieve. JAGUARCD32X Yes I read this and just laughed at how biased it and nonsensical it was. They are both subsidiaries IntelligentGuy The stupidity of the likes of you makes me laugh.

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